CFD Modeling

Virtualize your Data Center

Most data center Managers operate an inherently flawed and inefficient environment. With the advancement of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, we can now effectively predict airflow patterns and rectify inefficiencies. Air is complex, yet very predictable. It moves differently based on its temperature and levels of relative humidity.


The CFD analysis gives us details regarding how much air passes through the computer thermal load. It pinpoints where the air reaches various temperatures in the rack.  It also shows when and how hot exhaust air re-circulates back into the computer intake. Only through CFD modeling of the facility will you be able to fully understand an effective airflow management solution in order to make informed decisions regarding:

  • Optimize CRAC locations
  • Ideal critical equipment placement
  • Hot spot identification
  • Improved disaster recovery planning
  • Enhanced forecasting ability for growth



Controlling the speed of air will lead to:

  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Elimination of hot spots
  • More balanced Subfloor Pressure
  • Elimination of low flow tiles
  • Drops in temperature
  • Increased volume of air targeted at the heat load


CFD modeling will provide a baseline analysis of your data center highlighting inefficiencies with the air flow. In order to optimize the cooling in your data center, the first step is an in-depth analysis of your current environment.