Noble Vision Group offers custom containment solutions that addresses hot and cold aisles.  As each data center’s cooling infrastructure is designed to meet the IT load, containment will be no different.  NVG will design and install the correct containment solution that matches the cooling infrastructure.

Retro fit Data Centers:

As most data centers have grown organically, custom containment pieces will need to be engineered in order to properly contain a space.  The installation team will manufacture the appropriate sizes onsite to ensure a timely installation.

Why install containment:
  • Raise rack densities
  • Decrease energy usage
  • Improve PUE
  • Increase available white space
  • Augment redundancy
  • Enhance reliability
Containment Doors are self-retracting, with twin wall panels,

Doors accommodate  3ft, 4 ft and 6 ft wide aisles (custom sizes also available upon request)